Pre-order the latest nail polish from Picture Polish

The latest nail polish from Picture Polish is now available for pre-order. There are many other Picture Polish shades available for pre-order.


  • Dates: 15th March 2022 to 18th March 2022
  • The tentative shipping date will be around the week of the 28th of March 2022. This may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • The individual Picture Polish pre-order shades listed below will automatically have a 10% discount code applied at checkout.
  • The Picture Polish Pre-order Nail Polish Bundle – a bundle of the 6 new shades available for pre-order – will have a 15% discount automatically applied at checkout.
  • Pre-order quantities are capped.

Important Information

  • These shades are PRE-ORDER. Even if you order in-stock items, your order will not ship until the whole order is ready.
  • No combined shipping for these orders.

New shades (Bundle)

New shades

Other shades

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